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    Bonn is a mid-sized city in east-central Germany that is perhaps best known as being the capital of the now defunct West Germany after reunification in 1991. The city also happens to be very ancient, having once been a Roman garrison town, though much of the older city was destroyed in one of many sackings and burnings of the city that occurred throughout the middle ages. There are a great many hotels in Bonn since tourism has become such a major industry in the area. As such, there are many excellent museums in the area, such as the German Museum of Modern History.There are several major universities in the area, so for many travellers, the best time to visit is the weekend. Bonn is also home to the popular German media company, Deutsche Welle, that is now housed in what was the West German Parliament. Bonn hotels nearest the city centre tend to be the most expensive, though there are plenty of available discount hotels. Bonn is also home to a month-long Beethoven festival that takes place every August and September. There are a few deals for budget travellers in Bonn, cheap hotels being most often located outside the historical and downtown areas. Online services such as make it easy to find rooms, even during busy seasons