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      Kreuzberg Church Details

      There is a city in Germany named Bonn that is the location of many great attractions as well as numerous museums and churches. The city has some of the nicest churches in all of Germany. The city has many other places for you to visit while visiting these great attractions such as shopping areas, restaurants and cafés, and theaters. There is so much to do in this city it will keep you busy and having fun the entirety of your vacation.One of the most visited and popular churches in the city of Bonn, is the church named Kreuzberg Church. This church is a replacement for an old chapel that was destroyed back in the year 1627. The most notable part of this fine building is the Holy Staircase in the front of the building. This staircase has brass crosses on certain steps, and is one of the many beautiful thongs about this church that brings visitors to it.

      Address: Stationsweg 21, 53127 Bonn, Germany