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      There were a huge number of outstanding composers that were out of Germany, and there areas many museums and houses of these great men to commemorate their amazing works and successful lives. On of these great composers was a man by the name of Robert Schumann, who had a house in the city of Bonn, in Germany. The Robert Schumann House is a beautiful house in the city of Bonn, that is not only named after the brilliant composer but it is today a massive music library.In some of the rooms are exhibits dedicated to Schumann and his life and works, which is available to view as well as the music library of the city. This wonderful house is a perfect place to take a tour of, while in Bonn visiting all the great city has to offer in the way of attractions and museums. This house of Schumann is more like a museum than a house.

      Address: Hauptmarkt 5, D - 08056 Zwickau, Germany