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      Colonius Tower Details

      The cities in Germany are home to some of the greatest tourist attractions in all of Europe. The city of Cologne is full of beautiful parks, amazing churches, and also sites like bridges and towers. There is a very huge tower there that reaches an amazing two hundred sixty two meters up into the sky. This very beautiful tower located just north west of the city center is one of the most well know of all of the towers in Germany.The tower is called Colonius Tower. This lovely tower was opened back in the year 1981. There is a level of the tower about 170 meters up that is the place you must go to. It has a stunning view of the city and most of the surrounding cities; in addition to this breath taking view from the level the tower also has a restaurant here. The restaurant on this level is a revolving restaurant.

      Address: Innere Kanalstrae 100, 50672 Köln, Germany