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      Volksgarten Details

      When you go on vacation you want to get away from the busy stresses of everyday life and just relax a while, fortunately the country of Germany has many great locations to do just this in through out all of its lovely cities. One of the towns in which one can really get some relaxing done, is the town of Cologne. This great town is full of nice relaxing places to visit. The very best place in this town to get some peace and just relax and enjoy nature is the Volksgarten.The Volksgarten is a quiet serene park in the southern end of the town of Cologne. This lovely park is definitely a far off retreat from the busy city life. The park has a very unique and very German feature and that is a beer garden. You can sit there and enjoy all the fabulous scenery and fine German weather while also enjoying a nice cold beer.

      Address: Volksgartenstrae, 50677 Köln, Germany