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        Europe is the very best place to go on vacation due to its having so many wonderful countries that one can choose from to visit. The country of Germany is by far one of the best as far as having the nicest and most interesting places to visit in the country. The cities in Germany are great. The cities there are filled with so many lovely attractions to the city one is sure to find anything and everything they are looking to see.The best of these lovely cities is called Dortmund, which is home to many wonderful museums, theaters and even a zoo. The Dortmund Zoo is one of the greatest zoos in all of Germany. The landscape of this fine zoo is very pleasant and serene. This zoo has a huge collection of big cats and hoofed animals; however it is also a home to many rare species.

        Address: Mergelteichstrae 80, 44225 Dortmund, Germany

        Phone: +49 231 5028593

        Open hours: 9:00 am 6:30 am