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The next time you are in Germany with a free weekend, Duisburg should be the first place on your list. Duisburg hotels are affordable and comfortable and all visitors report being highly impressed by the hotels in Duisburg. If you are looking for discount hotels, Duisburg has a lot to offer and Duisburg cheap hotels also enjoy an excellent reputation. Find out what is on offer right here on There is a lot of exciting architecture in Duisburg and the Schwanentor Bridge is a perfect example of this. You should try and time your stay so that you can visit the annual Duisburger Akzente which is a major cultural and modern social festival. The Deutsche Oper am Rhein and the Duisburg philharmonic orchestra also enjoy international reputations and are a must see for music lovers. If you have time, the make sure you see the old church of St Johann Baptist and the Wilhelm Lehmbruck museum.