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        Duisburg is a city known in part for its commitment to preserving past history and culture, and probably the landmark most associated with this commitment is the City Theater. Generally regarded as a major cultural center of Germany, the City Theater of Duisburg is definitely worth a look for those German tourists looking for something to do in Duisburg.Located in the city square (the Konig-Heinrich-Platz), the City Theater is within walking distance of most other Duisburg attractions, making it the perfect place to stop and take in a show after a day of walking around and looking at the sights. The Theater, however, can be considered a sight in and of itself with its magnificent architecture, including a decidedly bold columned construction that really stands out. The Theater has a continued partnership with theaters in other major cities such as Dusseldorf; as a result, they continue to be able to show the best of what the German theater has to offer.

        Address: König-Heinrich-Platz 1, 47001 Duisburg, Germany