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    If you are looking for discount hotels, Essen is a good place to find them. The next time you have a free weekend, Essen should be the first place on your list. Essen hotels are well located throughout the city and offer a lot of value for money. Many travelers say the hotels in Essen are the best priced in Germany. Essen cheap hotels tend to be located around the outskirts of the city centre. Find out all you need to know about them right here on As Essen is a heavily industrialized area, many of the sights in the city are based on this past. The Zeche und Kokerie Zollverien was once one of the largest coal mines on earth and is now a UNESCO heritage centre open to visitors. Essen Cathedral has an amazing crypt from the 14th century and the Villa Hugel is a massive 269 room mansion that shows the wealth of the cities industrialists in the last century.