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        Essen is in many ways a city a dedicated to preserving the character of its illustrious past, and no Essen attraction indicates this fact more than the magnificent Basilica of St. Ludgerus. One of the oldest buildings in the area, it was constructed at the end of the 8th century and served as the main abbey for the local churches for many years. It is one of the last buildings erected in Germanys Rhineland to show a holdover of Roman influences in its architecture.Visitors are invited to come to the basilica and explore; there is definitely a lot to see for everyone involved. The façade of the cathedral is lit up at night to facilitate nighttime viewing, and the interior holds its own treasures. These include a vast collection of historically important and artistically beautiful artifacts, such as chalices, crucifixes and other religious items from throughout the centuries. These items are priceless and a guided tour that elaborates on their majesty is available for those who are interested.

        Address: Brückstrae 54, 45239 Essen, Germany

        Phone: +49 201 404281