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The most famous citizen of Kleve was Anne of Cleaves. She married Henry VIII and lived to tell the tale. She is part of a guided walk focusing on Kleve’s historical women. The former spa town is also a place of churches. St. Maria Himelfart contains the tombs of the town’s counts and dukes. Many of them lived in Swan Castle. Reconstructed after its demolition during WWII, it now houses 2 museums. The Photography Museum and the Museum of Geology are in Kleve Swan Tower. The Castle grounds also have the Royal Stables with a monument to the Grand Elector. While not castles, you can find elegant hotels in Kleve here on hotels are frequently within reach of other central attractions. There is the Museum Kurhaus, the Mill Museum and the Forest Gardens. You can visit the Minorite church with its 15th century woodcarvings. Of particular interest to guests in many a Kleve hotels is the home of Barend Cornelius Koekkoek by Anton Weinhagen. He built a neo-Classical palace and a studio tower. A Dutch landscape painter, B.C. Koekkoek helped to found a Kleve school of painting. On display are the works of him and his contemporaries.