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Hotels in Lippstadt, Germany, put holidaymakers in the heart of the North Rhine Westphalia region. This town of nearly 70,000 residents has a history that dates to the 13th century when an Augustinian abbey was founded there in 1281.Discount hotels in Lippstadt are centrally located to enable visitors easy access to this citys many sights. Situated within the Lippe Valley, the citys historic town center lies on the Lippe River. Known for its meandering waterways, Lippstadt is sometimes called the Venice of Westphalia. Attractions here include Bad Waldliesborn, which is a mineral spa; the city theater; the Gallery at City Hall and the Lippstadt City Museum. Lippstadt also plays host to a number of cultural events throughout the year, including the Lippstadt Culinaire in September, which takes place in Old Town. A traditional Christmas market also takes over the town hall area and Old Town from late November into December.