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      The cities I Germany are filled with castles and palaces so much so that it may seen like a fairytale land but the wonderful places really are there for visiting and learning all about the long rich history of the place. The Schloss in Münster which was once just a castle is mow the home of the main building of The Castle University. This fine university building was constructed in the years of 1767 and 1787 for the Prince Bishops to live in.Due to the teaching and educating of the students the building is not open to the public; however a huge flea market is held in the front of the place about four times in the year. The Castle University is a great place to visit for tourists and lovers of learning and education. Make the city of Münster a must stop in and see location on your next vacation.

      Address: Schlossplatz 2, 48149 Münster, Germany

      Phone: +49 251 830