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      The city of Munster has a Stadtweinhaus known in English as a City Wine House. The building of the city wine house is in the Renaissance style and has a lovely outside design and a nice exterior. The building was built originally back in the year 1615, and was fine until it was damaged during the Second World War. The building has been completely restored to its original form. The building of the Stadtweinhaus is a great place to visit while visiting the city of Munster.The city of Munster is a wonderful city to stay in while on your next vacation to Germany. Germany has so many lovely buildings to see that when you finish taking a look at the city wine house there is many more great places to see in the city of Munster. The Stadtweinhaus houses many conferences and events and is used only of this purpose.

      Address: Prinzipalmarkt 10, 48143 Münster, Germany

      Phone: +49 251 4922724