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This quiet town features half-timbered houses. From every hotel in Soest, you can see a spire. There are 4 churches near the Markt. They include the older St. Maria zur Höhe. This somber, squat building has illuminating interior 13th century frescoes on its ceilings and walls. There is a ringed wooden cross from 1250, the Scheibenkreuz. It is the only one in Germany. The St. Maria zur Wiese is a later church. It is neo-Gothic. The towers date from 1861 and 1874. In the interior, you will see the Westphalia Last Supper. It depicts Jesus and his disciples eating a typical Westphalia meal.If you decide to spend a while in Soest, stay more than overnight. Comfortable discount Soest hotels ensure you have the time and money to explore the town. Visit the Cathedral St. Patrokli. This edifice has 3 Romanesque naves and 12th century wall paintings. Nearby is the Baroque Rathaus. Its arches vie with the Romanesque and Gothic features of the Petrikirche. There is also the Nikolaikapelle with an altar painting by 15th century master painter Conrad von Soest. Be sure to walk the Osthofentor. This is a moated defensive wall. It now houses the Museum of the Old Town. Make time for the Wilhelm Morner Haus. This is the home of the Municipal Art Gallery. Enjoy your stay carefree. Make all necessary arrangements for Soest hotels in