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If you’re looking for a great place to spend a weekend, Freudenstadt is one of the most restful areas to spend some time. Located on the very edge of the Black Forest, your forays into this dark and mysterious fabled land will be a highlight of your visit. Freudenstadt hotels are close to your forest excursion, but also to the largest marketplace in Germany. There you can shop and sit outside while drinking famous Happy City coffee. Hotels in Freudenstadt cater to tourists and the first thing you’ll notice is an array of stunning flowers with the Black Forest serving as the backdrop. Freudenstadt cheap hotels are available near the market place so you can enjoy leisurely strolls in addition to mountain hiking.When visiting the Freudenstadt, be sure to visit some of the region spas located in Baden-Württenberg. Freudenstadt cheap hotels enable you to explore the entire region on a budget. With many choices in discount hotels Freudenstadt is a great place to start your tour of Germany being centrally located to the airport and train station. Freudenstadt is for those people who want to enjoy the true Germany and its peoples. Book your hotel with and find out for yourself how to relax on your vacation.