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      The Karlsruhe region holds many interesting sites such as the baroque Karlsruhe Palace built in 1715 in a forest. Nearby is the Gottesaue Palace which began as an 11th century Benedictine abbey. Heidelburg also lies within the Karlsruhe region and there you will find some of the most stunning examples of castles in the world. The Heidelberger Schloß was built in the 14th century and only grows more graceful with age. You can walk the Philosophenweg path where Goethe and Feuerbach strolled or visit the Marktplatz where long ago witches were burned. There’s much you can see and do in a weekend. Karlsruhe is packed with restaurants, shops and parts. Karlsruhe has a sun drenched climate that has attracted a number of famous artists and writers including Mark Twain.