Hotels in Upper Palatinate

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      The Upper Palatinate, consisting of nine districts: seven rural, three urban, is the destination of many tourists. Drive along the Glass and Porcelain Road or visit the many small towns and villages in the region. You can bike or wander through the forested areas. Stay for a weekend, the Upper Palatinate Forest will help you relax before you tackle some of the busier regions of Germany. There are many places and sites to visit in the region. You can wander the streets of Regensburg. Take part in its Short Film Festival or wander this compact town. There is the old stone bridge the Bridge Tower Museum, Dom St. Peter, the Emmeram Palace and the Church of the Carmelite. Venture out of town to the Abbey Church of St. George and St. Peter at Wellenburg or the Greek-style Doric temple in Walhala.