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Some tourists come to the region and stay in Weser River cheap hotels so they will have time to walk along the banks of the river. Others stay in hotels in the Weser River so they can hike the hills nearby. Others remain in discount hotels. The Weser River region, for them, requires setting aside money for skiing or visiting nearby Cologne. You can look to for a solution to finding Weser River hotels.The Weser River is a region of water castles. Try to remain for a weekend. The Weser River has much to offer. Within and around the city of Euskirchen, you can find at least 12 different castles. These include Hardtburg Castle, Kleeburg Castle and Veyneau Castle. There are also 25 chapels and churches in this region. They include not only the expected Protestant Churches, but a Greek Orthodox and two Evangelical churches. In Euskirchen, itself, there are the churches of St. Martin, St. Mattias and St Peter and Paul. If you wander beyond the town’s borders, venture into the forest around Steinbach Lake.