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          Rhineland Palatinate Details

          The German state of Rhineland Palatinate has as its capital the city of Mainz. Part of the Rhine valley is located within the state, as are the mountain chains of Eifel and Hunsrück, making for some beautiful natural views; there is also a hilly area in the southern part of the state that is called the Palatinate Forest. This forest is one of the Rhineland Palatinate attractions that tourists enjoy the most, as it is the largest unbroken forest in all of Europe. Hikers delight in the multitude of trails that bring them into contact with the nature and wildlife of the area, including animals like lynxes. Rhineland Palatinate sights throughout the forest include the ruins of medieval castles, fortresses, characteristic villages and forgotten farms. A weekend in Rhineland Palatinate can also include immersion in Rhineland Palatinate culture and history in some of the larger cities of the state. When youre visiting Rhineland Palatinate, make sure you stop by the city of Kaiserslauten to check out the Casimir Residence and the Kaiserpflaz Palace, and the city of Mainz for St. Martins Cathedral and St. Stephens Church. For wine lovers, hit the town of Trier and get some Rhineland Palatinate shopping done in Wine Town. There are a number of sites dealing with tourism in Rhineland Palatinate which can give you tips on all the variety of things to do in Rhineland Palatinate.