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      The town of Bad Kreuznach in the mild Nahe Valley has been habited since the 6th century BCE and was once the Roman garrison of Cruciniacum. More recently the town was home to about 2,500 US service personnel who closed up shop in the early aughts. Visitors will find the hotels in Bad Kreuznach to be very accommodating with many people in town speaking fluent English. The online resource is very handy for finding discount hotels. Bad Kreuznach is also home to the namesake mineral springs that have been a tourist attraction since the 15th century at least. Modern visitors can enjoy not only the spa, but a disused mercury mine is also one of the premier radon caves in Europe. Treatments usually last at least a week, requiring at least one weekend. Bad Kreuznach has many fine restaurants that cater to guests as well as many peaceful locales for walks, as that is often part of the cure. Many choose to walk up to the Castle Kauzenburg that over looks town. Other activities include tours of the local vineyards of the Nahe Valley that have daily tasting events. Bad Kreuznach hotels are very often reasonably priced, and most offer long-stay packages. While taking the treatment at Bad Kreuznach, cheap hotels nearby can make your stay very affordable.