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The city of Neuwied, Germany is a town in the northern portion of the Rhineland Palatinate state. It is the capital of the District of Neuwied. The city is on the banks of the Rhine River and is approximately 12 kilometers to the larger city of Koblenz. It has a population of approximately 65,700 people and a land area of about 86 square kilometers. There are 13 suburban administrative districts within the city. For those who are planning a visit, look for cheap hotels in Neuwied, Germany to be readily available.When you visit, you will find many things to do. You may wish to visit and tour old Gothic churches. There are several older, historic buildings and ruins located in the region surrounding the city as well. Visitors may wish to do some boating along the river, or hike through the valleys and hills. Any of these may be done while staying at the discount hotels in Neuwied, Germany.