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If you’re looking for architecture to take a look at in Germany, Rodder bei Adenau is home to the Wilhelm Tower. Wilhelm Tower may not be the most impressive or the most ancient tower or castle in the country (having been built around 1908 and 1909), but what makes it a unique tourist attraction is the fact that it sits upon one of the peaks of the Hohe Acht, a tertiary volcano with cones made of Devonian rock. At 747m above sea level, he Hohe Acht is the highest peak of the Eifel. Because of its location, it makes a great lunchbreak spot for hikers and bicyclists wanting to explore the trail of the Hohe Acht.The town of Rodder bei Adenau, or Adenau, for short, is a great place to mount an expedition onto the volcano, but be warned: The town isn’t all that big. Almost a hamlet, really. There are a few affordable hotels in the Rodder bei Adenau area, but if you don’t book early, you run the risk of having no vacancies available when you arrive.