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Porta Nigra Details

The Porta Nigra is widely considered the most important and impressive historical sight in all of Trier. Considering that Trier is well known itself as one of the most historically rich cities in all of Germany, thats certainly no small feat! The Porta Nigra is a massive dark stone gateway situated on the northern entrance to the town. It stands a massive 30 meters tall and is quite imposing.The Porta Nigra is one of the oldest attractions in all of Germany, dating back to the 2nd century, and is probably the most well preserved piece of work from the Roman era of Triers history. Visitors today can enter inside the gateway, and see the courtyards as well as the interior chambers which were put to use in the 12th century as the Church of San Simeon. Today, it mostly exists just as a tourist attraction, but this is good as it means that visitors can go just about anywhere on the Porta Nigra that they want to.

Address: Porta-Nigra-Platz, 54290 Trier, Germany