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    Saarbrücken, in Saarland, Germany sits upon the river Saar. The name literally means Saar bridges, and refers to the several bridges that span the river. Saarbrückens history is an industrial one, and being in the great coal basin, it was a major coal producer. This industry has since declined as newer, cleaner energy sources became available. The city is close to the French border and was under French control between 1919 to 1935, and 1945 to 1957 and is therefore still somewhat influenced by the French culture. With many tourist attractions and points of interest to attract visitors, there are lots of good quality discount hotels in Saarbrücken where you can book great value accommodation.The old town is a superb visitor attraction and the historic landmarks that are dotted around area include: the stone bridge built in 1546 crossing the river Saar, the old Gothic church of St Arnual, and the 18th century Saarbrücken Schloss, a castle straight out of the childrens fairy tales by the brothers Grimm. Other tourist attractions that take place each year include: The old Town Festival, The Saar Spectacle, The Perspective Theatre Festival, and The Max Ophüls Film Festival. In addition there are many theatres, and museums, and the new shopping mall due to be completed in 2009 will make this city a world class shopping center. The budget hotels in Saarbrücken are strategically placed across the city, close to many of the attractions and amenities. Visit our listings and reviews pages for a full breakdown.