Hotels in Aschersleben

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Aschersleben Details

The town of Aschersleben in Saxony Anhalt, Germany was first mentioned in written history in 753. It was actually the Latin name for the towns castle, Ascharia, that was mentioned in the document. The castle later became the House of Ascania. Today, the town is a mix of different architectural periods. The budget hotel in Aschersleben that you choose could be baroque, Romanesque, gothic, or renaissance architecture within the historic city center. If you stay in a cheap hotel in Aschersleben to the southeast or to the north of the city, you will probably be staying in a more modern building.No matter where you stay in Aschersleben, be sure that you save some time for exploring the historic city center, called Old Town. As you approach the city center, youll pass through a ring of buildings in the Jugendstil and neoclassical architectural styles. As you move inward, visit the Romanesque Grauer Hof, the gothic St. Stephani Church, and the renaissance City Hall.