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The picturesque town of Blankenburg am Harz, at the base of the mineral-rich Harz Mountains in central Germany, is home to some unique health-spa opportunities as well as picturesque tours of the nearby rivers, hills and small villages that make up the confederated area of the Blankenburg am Harz. Hotels are plentiful for such a modestly-sized town, and there are plenty of Discount hotels, Blankenburg am Harz being outside of the cosmopolitan sphere of some of the larger cities in the region. On-line services such as can help you make reservations to suit your inclination and budget.Many people come here for some time to relax and the unique cures of the town spas. In addition to chalk treatments from the local hills, there are pine needle baths that many swear by. Whether spending a single night or a whole weekend, Blankenburg am Harz. Nordic walking is very popular in the area, and there are many fascinating walking trails, such as the Devil's Wall trail. Hotels in Blankenburg am Harz are very often smaller and homey, rooms often coming with some of the unbeatable local cuisine. When visiting Blankenburg am Harz, cheap hotels can be found in the off season that includes the annual Walpurgis Night festivities on 30 April that are some of the most impressively odd in Germany.