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Derenburg Details

Derenburg is a town situated in the Harz region of Saxony Anhalt in Germany. The Harz is the name of a mountain range that runs a length of 95km, running southeast to northwest, is 35km wide and has it highest point (1141 meters) at Brocken. The northern reaches of the Harz are characterized by rambling pine forests and in the southernmost reaches by sprawling forests of deciduous trees. Because of the natural beauty of the area, it is a very popular place to go hiking and mountain trekking, and you can book accommodation at one of the excellent discount hotels in Derenburg to be well positioned for planning your outings.Saxony Anhalt is a beautiful region and its towns and cities just have to be visited for their wonderful architecture and historical significance. There is so much to see crammed into a relatively small area, including pre-historical, Medieval, Reformation and Enlightenment sites, as well as those harking back to the industrial revolution and classical modernism times. The cathedrals and towns once associated with the famous Martin Luther are literal treasure troves of culture and heritage and are just perfect for the sightseeing tourist. With so much to see and do it is a good idea to reserve accommodation in one of the many budget hotels in Derenburg and make it your center of opetrations.