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Merseburg is a picturesque town in Germany. It is nestled along the Saale River. Although the area was significantly damaged in World War II (and previously had suffered damages throughout many other historical wars), it has since rebounded quite nicely. Discount hotels in Merseberg are a perfect way to enjoy this charming town and its many historical sites. One of its most famous attractions is the St. John the Baptist Cathedral. It was originally built in 1015, but had to be rebuilt in the 13th century and the 16th century due to damage incurred during war.Residents of Merseburg enjoy a wide range of festivals and cultural activities throughout the year. They include the Palace Festival, Organ Days and the Puppet Show Festival. The Royal Castle and its gardens are another attraction that can be seen during your visit to the city. There are many fine budget hotels in Merserburg that are near many of the attractions. It is a city that has endured and flourished for over 1,000 years and it has much to offer tourists and residents.