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      If you are looking for hotels in Chemnitz, is the place to find them. Chemnitz hotels are both attractive and reasonably priced. While there are a lot of very expensive hotels in Chemnitz, discount hotels can also be found quite easily. Chemnitz cheap hotels are also plentiful and tend to be located in the better parts of town. As the city is almost one thousand years old, there is plenty to see and do here. The Old and new city halls are fabulous examples of period architecture. While much of the body of the building was built during the renaissance, the distinctive red tower was erected much earlier, in the twelfth or thirteenth century. The DAStietz department store is known all over Chemnitz. If you are interested in small castles, the Rabenstein is worth a visit, which can boast the title of smallest castle in Saxony. If natural history is your thing, check out the petrified forest at the Kulturkaufhaus Tietz which is over a million years old.