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      The museums in Germany are some of the nicest in all of the countries in Europe. The museums there deal with all sorts of subjects from art, to toys, to sciences and space, to also history. The museums in the city of Chemnitz are very wonderful, particularly the König Albert Museumbau, which is the citys Art and Natural History Museum. This lovely city has so much to offer it makes one of the best locations to stay while in the great country of Germany.The Art and Natural History Museum in Chemnitz was opened back in the year of 1909, and today has over sixty thousand exhibits. The art side of the museum is a lovely and exciting glimpse into the different painters and sculptures they have there. The history side of the lovely museum is full of wonderful displays. The displays they show there are fossils of various plants and animals from the entire region.

      Address:Theaterplatz, 09111 Chemnitz, Germany