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Dresden, being one of the largest cities in Germany, is of course one with many well known attractions and a long and rich history full of interesting stories and characters. For those visiting this wonderful city, there are many must see attractions, and among the most well known of these, one might very well find the Golden Rider statue.In the Second World War, much of Dresden was destroyed by bombing. This holds especially true for the area of the city that is identified as the New Town area. That this beautiful golden masterwork still stands here is a sight as amazing as the sculpture itself. The Golden Rider statue depicts the figure of Augustus the Strong atop a noble steed, head held high in a grandiose depiction of the characteristic German pride and nobility. The sculptor Jean-Joseph Vinache is responsible for this work of art, and visitors might be interested in knowing that it dates all the way back to 1736. Truly a historical landmark.

Address: Neustädter Markt, 01097 Dresden, Germany