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As everyone knows, much of Germanys ancient history is steeped in the clan warfare of wandering Germanic tribes. It stands to reason then that there must be museums dedicated to this facet of their origins, and that is certainly the case: the Rustkammer Armory in Dresden is a wonderful attraction both for military buffs and fans of history alike. Though it is technically an armory, the establishment works today as a full service museum, even with guided tours.The Rustkammer armory offers what is probably the worlds greatest collection of ancient arms and armor, with selections not just from local groups such as the Saxons, but all over the rest of the world as well. Particularly enchanting specimens include an elaborately engraved and especially ornate suit of full body armor, built to protect both a human and a horse. Also of note is an incredible masterwork of smiting: a sword commissioned by Duke Morlitz, a Saxon figure of much renown.

Address: Theaterplatz 1, Dresden, 01067, Germany

Phone: +49 351 4914 2000