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The Schloss Pillnitz of Dresden has to be one of the citys most fascinating examples of ancient history, even among all the other historically rich offerings that the city has to make to the German tourist. Those visiting Dresden who are looking for something to do would be well advised to seek this attraction out. The Schloss Pillnitz was built by the legendary figure of Augustus the Strong (Dresden tourists might remember this figure from their visit to the nearby Golden Rider Statue) in the early 18th century, and meant to serve as a summer residence to him.The Schloss Pillnitz is fascinating primarily because it is split into two different structures. The first is the Bergpalais, or the Mountain Palace, which is nestled into the hillside, and the second is the Wasserpalais, or the Water Palace. The latter of the two gets its name because it extends right down into the River Elbe, making for a fascinating architectural marvel. Visitors are invited to explore the palaces themselves, which house a museum, or the grounds, which have gardens lavishly designed in a variety of international styles.

Address: August-Böckstiegel-Strae 2, 01326 Dresden, Germany

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