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    Of all the lovely museums you can go and visit in Germany the Bach Museum is definitely one of the best. The Bach Museum is located in the wonderful city of Leipzig. The Bach Museum commemorates the life and work of this very famous and well loved composer. During the last twenty seven years of his life the city of Leipzig was where he worked and lived. The wonderful museum is a great stop to make on your trip to the city.The city is also the location of St. Thomas Church which happens to be located next to the Bach Museum so you can visit it as well. This grand church is where Johann Sebastian Bach worked as choirmaster when he lived there. The museum is definitely the perfect place to visit in Leipzig for music lovers or even just anyone interested in the history of the city of Leipzig.

    Address: Thomaskirchhof 15, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

    Open hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm