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    There are museums on just about anything you may want to know about all over Europe. Germany is one of the best countries to visit for seeing interesting kinds of museums. Germany seems to have a museum for just about everything including music, composers, art, theater, towers and even coffee. There is a city in Germany called Leipzig that is home to many interesting museums. The city of Leipzig is home to the Bach Museum, the Leipzig Fine Art Museum, and the Museum Coffee Baum.The Museum Coffee Baum is the Coffee House Museum located in the city. This museum is dedicated to telling the history of the coffee house in Europe and Germany and how it was and is very popular. The museum has many old coffee advertisements and equipment related to making coffee. The museum is located above a coffee house. The coffee house is one of the oldest and maybe the best in Leipzig.

    Address: Kleine Fleischergasse 4, 04109 Leipzig, Germany