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    The cities in Germany are some of the busiest and most interesting in all of Europe. The city of Leipzig is a wonderful German city that has anything and everything you would want to do while on vacation in Germany. The city is filled with places to go for entertainment like theaters, opera houses, and museums. The city also has many great places to go for a splendid shopping experience.The lovely city of Leipzig has many shopping alleys that offer just about anything you could be shopping for on your trip there. The shopping alley called Mädler Passage is one of the nicest in Leipzig. The shopping alley is in many great old German buildings, so the scenery is enough to get you to go. After you see how beautiful the place is you can get to doing some serious shopping. The Mädler Passage was built from the years 1912 to 1914.

    Address: Grimmaische Str., Leipzig, Saxony, Germany