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    When you are going to take a trip to Europe and are making the decision of which countries to visit while there be sure to put Germany on the list. Germany is the location of many wonderful places to visit while there on vacation. The city of Leipzig in Germany is one of the best to stay in because it has so many great places to visit while there. The city of Leipzig is so filled with great places to see it will take more than a single vacation there to see it all.The first trip you take to Leipzig should definitely include a trip to the Leipzig Zoo. The Leipzig Zoo was started back in 1878 and is still running steadily today. In the year 1920 the city took over the running of the huge zoo. In this zoo there are over two thousand animals and up to five hundred different species of animal.

    Address: Pfaffendorfer Strae 29, 04105 Leipzig, Germany

    Phone: +49 341 5933385

    Open hours: 9:00 am 7:00 pm

    Opened: June 9, 1878