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This small town is located in the Northern Rhine region of West-central Germany. The name actually means Ash Mountain, though the area is located on a rather flat plain with thick forests to the West. There is a great deal of architecture here from the Middle Ages, most of which was built upon 11th and 12th century buildings, the remains of which may be seen in a few of the Renaissance-era structures. For those spending the weekend, Ascheberg accommodations usually include at least one meal representing the best in local cuisine. Nearby historical sights include Westerwinkel Castle, just outside Ascheberg.Ascheberg is located just west of the A-1 Autobahn, so it is a natural location for motoring tourists. In fact, some Ascheberg hotels are considered among the best for business travellers in region. Hotels in Ascheberg are generally small and comfortable with many useful amenities, including wireless internet. For those on a budget in Ascheberg, discount hotels are also available. Many people stop in the evening before proceeding to Hohe Mark Nature Park that encompasses many towns including the Haltern Am See on Provincial Road 58. Here, youll find Falkenstein Beach, also near Haltern Am See. Around Ascheberg, cheap hotels are usually quite rural and secluded, though deals are to be found in town, too. Visit for more information on lodging in the Ascheberg area.