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      Schleswig Cathedral Details

      Germany is very well known for having some of the nicest cathedrals in all of Europe. The city of Schleswig is home to one of the nicest called Schleswig Cathedral. This fine cathedral is in a variety of styles like Gothic and Romanesque giving it an interesting look. There are many things to see just at this great cathedral including the tomb of a king named Fredrick the first which is from the 1550s.The Schleswig Cathedral is definitely a wonderful place to go when you are in the city on vacation. There are also many other great things in the cathedral including some brilliant works of art. Cathedrals like the Schleswig Cathedral continue to draw many visitors to this lovely country each and every year. The city of Schleswig is one of the nicest German cities to stay in the next time you go on vacation to, or even just through Europe.

      Address: Norderdomstrae, 24837 Schleswig, Germany