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With a population of just 43,000 or so, Eisenach isn’t the largest city in Germany, but it should be a suitable size for visitors who don’t want to endure the noise and stress of the big city, but don’t want to sacrifice the basic amenities like restaurants and nice, cheap hotels, either. Eisenach’s main draw for tourists is probably the Luther House. This house was once home to Martin Luther himself. From outside, it is exactly the kind of picturesque German house you see on postcards and in paintings. Inside, the building has been converted to a museum dedicated to the life and works of Martin Luther.You should be able to find a cheap hotel in Eisenach with little trouble... if you book with, that is. The city can get a little packed during the tourist seasons, as it is not only home to one of Martin Luther’s former dwellings, but of one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s, as well. Of course, as long as you look for cheap hotels early, you probably won’t have anything to worry about.