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Oberhof is one of Germany’s most well known winter sports towns. Cross country skiing, alpine skiing, bobsledding and the luge are kings here in the winter. During the summer, many people come to Oberhof to hike the Rennsteig hiking trail, and mountain biking is also extremely popular here. When you’re tired out from all your physical activities, the Oberhof Exotarium is a great way to take a break. This facility houses aquariums and other animal and reptile exhibits.The Rennsteig garden of Oberhof is a beautifully designed botanical garden that is home to more than 4000 different species of plants. There is also a great museum devoted to winter sports here in town. Because Oberhof hosts many winter sporting events, there are a variety of accommodations here. can help you find the right Oberhof hotel for your stay, whether it’s a ski resort for winter snow adventures or a boutique hotel for a summer retreat.