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    Germany is a must stop when taking any vacation to Europe. The cities in Germany make great places to stay on any vacation to Europe, and have many wonderful places to see and things to do. The city of Weimar is one that has many theaters, museums, and other lovely buildings that are important to Germanys history. The very famous composer named Bach lived in the city of Weimar between the years of 1708 through 1717.The Bach House Museum is located in this city and has much to offer in the way of information on the life and work of Bach. The original house that Bach lived in was unfortunately destroyed in the year 1945. Later a building exactly like the original one was built. People can go by and see this wonderful house that is exactly like the one that Bach lived in when he was a resident of Weimar.

    Address: Frauenplan 21, 99817 Eisenach, Germany

    Phone: +49 3691 79340

    Open hours: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm