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    One of the most controversial and famous figures in the history of Germany, Friedrich Nietzsche, spent his final years in the city of Weimar. By the time he took up residence here, he was severely mentally ill and suffering from delusions and aphasia, spending all his time in a hospital. However, his legacy lives on past him. The ground floor of the hospital where he stayed was turned into a permanent memorial to Nietzsche and his works.The Archive Museum features many artifacts from Nietzsches colorful life and also houses a number of documents and books that allow one to fully explore his life and also his complex and all too often misunderstood philosophy. Closed for many years, the archive has recently been reopened and visitors are welcome to come here and spend some time studying the wide field of philosophy that is so important to each and every one of our lives.

    Address: Humboldtstrae 36, 99425 Weimar, Germany

    Phone: +49 3643 545400