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    Wittums Palace Details

    Weimar is famous for its many palaces and older structures reminiscent of ages gone by, especially that of the Enlightenment period. However, a visit to this landmark city is not complete without at least one stop at Wittums Palace. Wittums. Its a great example of Baroque architecture and dates back to the late 18th century, making it a standout landmark amidst the rest of the square.Those who visit the palace can walk through its interior rooms and hallways, taking in the splendor of that periods opulence. The décor has been painstakingly restored and is considered to be very accurate to the original, offering visitors a great picture of what life was really like in the Palace at the time of its construction. In addition, there are many works of art and historical artifacts dating from the Enlightenment period that are housed within the Palace and are a must see for history buffs and fans of art alike.

    Address: 99423 Weimar, Germany