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    The region of Ahaia is home to the mountains of tolo and Mount Panahaikó. There are also beaches at Kalogria. If you are in the region, take time to visit Patras. This is the largest city on the Peloponnese after Piréas. This is a major harbor town so plan to remain for at least a weekend in Patras. Patras is home to a three week Carnival. It is a good way to experience Patras culture. You can also find out more about the city and the region by walking along the waterfront or by going to the Archaeological Museum. This is one of Patras' attractions. Other Patras sights include the Turkish Baths, the Kástro or citadel with its small, park and wooded area and the Neo-Byzantine church of St. Andrew. St. Andrews houses the saints skull. There are other things to do in Patras. You can take a ferry or a boat cruise or go diving. With sufficient time, you can also go shopping in Patras on the Riga Fereou.