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    Arcadia, in the Peloponnese region of mainland Greece, takes its name from the mythological character, Arcas, son of Zeus and Callisto. The name of the region lends itself to a utopian vision of country life and harmony with nature, and this is reflected in the agricultural way of life, dedicated to mixed farming, olive groves and pastureland. The prefecture, despite being the largest on the Peloponnesian peninsula, has a very sparse population, mainly due to the fact that many of the local people emigrated to the Americas during the 20th century. In this beautiful, mountainous region of Greece, can offer accommodation at budget hotels to suit to every pocket, giving the visitor every opportunity to explore its many sights.The main cities in the prefecture of Arcadia include Tripoli, its present-day capital, as well as Astros, Vytina, Leontari and Megalopolis. The region has a ski resort on Mount Maenalus, approximately 20kms northwest of Tripoli. Tripoli itself is currently one of the only areas of Arcadia which is growing in terms of its population size and currently has around 30,000 inhabitants. The main part of the city is enclosed around the castle walls, which were built during the Ottoman occupation of Greece, and there are three pretty squares in the town, as well as some very pleasant small parks. As well as hotels, restaurants and outdoor cafés, the visitor to Tripoli will discover old harness and saddlery shops. The Panarcadic Archaeological Museum, with its lovely rose garden, is well worth a visit and houses a collection of finds from around the region, dating from Neolithic to Roman times. Hotels in Arcadia are plentiful and will offer you the very best of Greek, and Peloponnese hospitality, ensuring that you enjoy a relaxing and entertaining vacation.