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      Argolis is part of the Northern Peloponnese. Here, you may find forest, beaches and Lake Kaïáfas. From places in this region, you can go to neighboring archeological sites. One place to try to spend part of a weekend in is Tolo. Visiting Tolo is one way of relaxing. The major Tolo tourism is the beach. In fact, Tholo Beach and nearby Kastrati Beach comprise the major Tolo attractions.This is not to say beaches are the only reason to go to Tolo. Other Tolo sights include a Bavarian Lion carved into a rock nearby and the small but fine church of Zohodos Pigi, dating back to 1688. If you are wondering what things to do in Tolo, consider going on an excursion to Mycenae or even Olympia. Alternatively, you can sit on the beach and watch the sunset. Try to arrange your visit with to coincide with the Festival of the Fishermen. This event is an integral part of Tolo culture. After watching the offerings of fish bait and wine, head off to go shopping in Tolo on Sekeri.