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      The area surrounding Athens is Attica. Tourists sometimes stay in hotels in Attica to afford a longer trip to the city of Athens. There are other places to go to in this region. There is the Plain of Marathon and the Byzantine Monasteries of Dafní and Kaisarianí. You can make a trip to the Temple of Poseidon at Soúnio with its 15 remaining white marble Doric columns. While in Attica, you may also choose to visit Lavrio. Lavrio is a port town. One of the common things to do in Lavrio is to catch a ferry to Kéa and Kýthnos. You can also go to the most common expression of Lavrio culture the silver mines. The silver from mines in Lavrio paid for the works at Athens, the temples and other religious structures. While one of the major Lavrio attractions is the Archaeological Museum, with its frieze from the temple of Soúnio and its mosaic floor, the more prominent Lavrio sights are tours of the old mining sights. This may not take a weekend, but you can make day trips to the remains of the ancient city of Thorikas or ferry out to the Cyclades or Limnos Islands. Alternatively, you can go shopping in Lavrio.