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          As the most salient landmark in the Saronic Gulf, Oros or the Mountain is also where you can get the best sights of Aegina. Also known by the locals as the Profítis Ilías, which is also the name of the chapel perched on the hill's peak, Oros can be accessed by climbing the steep and arduous path that starts from Marathon, which is a village six kilometers to the south of Aíyina.On the terraces that skirt the summit of Oros, there was once a large settlement that existed during the Mycenaean times or during the 13th century BC, which was also protected by Cyclopean walls. From the site of the settlement, you will be able to get the most beautiful sights of Aegina, which extends across the whole island to the Saronic Gulf, the Salamis and the Methourides, as well as the Hydra and Poros islands. If you would care to go beneath the northern side of Oros' peak, you will be able to visit the site of the temple of Zeus Panhellenios from the 5th century BC.